1. What is AMW Capital Leasing & Finance Plc?

    AMW Capital Leasing and Finance Plc was established in 2006, with the trusted leadership and strength of our parent Associated Motorways (Private) Limited, pioneers in the automotive industry and further strengthened by the backing of Al-Futtaim Group- Dubai. We are a finance company regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and is also listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange. Our primary line of business is in providing financial solutions in the form of Finance Leases, Hire Purchase and Loans, while accepting public deposits. The company is governed by a board of directors with diverse knowledge and expertise with both local and overseas experience in different spheres in the industry.

  2. Why should I select AMW Capital Leasing?

    Our core mission is to “delight our customer” by having a have a strong professional and dedicated team to assist you for whatever your requirement be, a financing facility or in investing your valuable money. We offer flexible solutions to suit your exact requirement in a transparent way without any hidden cost or additional liabilities on you. We are backed by a pioneer in the automotive industry in the country, Associated Motorways Ltd, which is a part of the Al-Futtaim Group Dubai a large diversified group operating in over 25 countries. The combined expertise and knowledge helps us in developing solutions that match the exact requirements of each of our valued customers.

  3. What are the products on offer?

    Finance Lease
    Hire Purchase
    Operating Lease
    Fixed Deposits
    Loans against Fixed Deposits

    You can obtain a lease, hire purchase, operating leases or loan facility depending on your financing requirements for a vehicle for personal or business use, equipment for your business or a working capital.

    We offer fixed deposit products varying in terms of the maturity period and interest payment periods. Deposit clients can obtain a loan facility against the deposits held with us for any short term funding requirements.

  4. Can I only finance vehicle brands sold by AMW?

    No, we finance any type or brand of vehicle irrespective of whether the vehicle is sold by our parent or not.

  5. Is anyone eligible to take a facility?

    Yes, we accommodate anyone from salaried employees and self-employed to registered business legally empowered to obtain facilities.

  6. What are the minimum requirements that I should fulfill for me to obtain a facility?

    If you are an individual, you need to submit any sort of identity proof (NIC, Driver’s license, Passport), a billing proof (any utility bill) and evidence of income (salary slips, bank statements etc.) along with the details of the asset that need financing.

    For any registered business, you need to submit the business registration documents, evidence of business financial position (audited financial statements, Income tax documents, bank account statements depending on the availability) along with the details of the asset that need financing.

  7. Will I need to wait a long time to obtain a facility?

    No, we pride in ourselves in finalizing a transaction within hours once the relevant documents are submitted by you.

  8. What is the maximum period for repayment of facilities?

    We offer facilities with repayment up to 6 years and it solely depends on the type and age of the asset that is being financed.

  9. Is it compulsory to submit personal guarantees?

    Not at all, you can obtain facilities without personal guarantors, but it depends on the type of asset and your repayment capacity and past credit history.

  10. Can I have a separate loan facility while I am enjoying a lease facility from AMWCLF?

    Yes, you can get another facility with very flexible conditions but without submitting any other security while enjoying the original Lease or Hire purchase facility.

  11. How can I start?

    All you need is to call our hotline, send us an e-mail or walk over to any of our branches and enjoy a service that is unmatched in the industry.